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- Los Angeles Times

"Top notch actor, unbelievable!"
- Casting Director Ann Forry

"A comic standout"
- Los Angeles Times

" astonishing performance by John Emmet Tracy... With his sublime agility with words and voice, and a beguiling physical presence, somehow Tracy makes it all darkly amusing... Tracy is one of those rare actors who could recite the phone book— if we still had them."
- Paul Durras, Vancouver Plays

"Because John Emmet Tracy is alert to every nuance of the language, including its dark humour, his performance is a miracle of detail— and gamesome sexiness. Everybody who loves acting should see this piece of work."
- Colin Thomas, The Georgia Straight

"John Emmet Tracy is so dynamic that he makes the sociopathic killer repulsive and likable at the same time."
- David C. Jones, The Charlebois Post

"John Emmet Tracy is so wired in performance it’s as if electricity is coursing through his veins; he’s a live wire sparking, twisting and jolting in arcs of violence."
- Jo Ledingam, The Vancouver Courier

"A standout portrayal by John Emmet Tracy"
- Monday Magazine

" John Emmet Tracy consistently delivers a passionate, thoughtful and honest portrayal...He retains a hint of humor and cultivates sincere relationships..."
- LA Weekly

"...uses precise body language to portray characters"
- The Arizona Republic

"A superbly understated performance..."
- The Milwaukee Sentinel

"A splendid performance...downright hilarious"
- Today News

"Nobody could've played the part better"
- Playwright Jack Sharkey

"His style is that of a very controlled sense of character and direction..."
- Pasadena Weekly

"He is the character - winsome, exuberant and sensitive"
- The Freeman

"He is the best actor in the world!"
- John's Family

R.L. Stine's The Haunting Hour
Posted on Aug 20 2014

I'll be appearing in an upcoming episode of the multiple Emmy Award-winning horror-fantasy series R.L. Stine's The Haunting Hour.  The episode "Lotsa Luck" (season 4, episode 7) gave me the opportunity to work once again with director James Head, with whom I worked on an episode of Stephen King's The Dead Zone.

Posted on May 06 2014

I am in the current episode (#307: "Waning Minutes") of the multiple award-winning series Continuum.  It airs on Showcase (in Canada) and on SyFy (in the U.S. and the U.K.).  I was thrilled to once again have the chance to work with multi-talented Amanda Tapping who directed this episode and with whom I acted a couple of years ago in an episode of Sanctuary.

Posted on Apr 16 2014

All 38 Plays. 24 Hours. One Vital Cause.

My son had heart surgery at BC Children's Hospital in 2008, and the incredible care he received there inspired me to do something to give back to this amazing institution.  So I've created a very special event called The 24 Hour Shakespeare Project, a marathon 24 hour staged reading performance of all of Shakespeare's 38 plays to benefit BC Children's Hospital Foundation. 

On Shakespeare's 450th birthday, April 23, 2014, Over 150 performers and dozens of volunteers will come together to bring this event to life.   While the majority of the cast will be rotating, I'll remain on stage for the full 24 hours.  Those of you in Vancouver BC, please join us at the Blake Snyder Theatre at GO Studios anytime from 12 noon on April 23 to 12 noon on April 24 to see some incredibly talented actors and help support the hundreds of thousands of kids who will receive care at BC Children's Hospital.  For more information and to donate, please visit and join us on Facebook and Twitter. 

Please give generously – thank you from the bottom of my heart!

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